What a year!

And to think we’re not even half way through it yet! We’re very grateful to both our corporate and individual donors. Despite a massive increase in the number of clients we serve each month (currently over 200 households per month,) we’ve still been able to sustain our Choice Matters – Self Serve system and have even managed to improve both the quality and quantity of food our clients receive. A modified version of the self-serve system is also offered now to our clients in the West Boundary who pick up their hampers through the Kettle River Food Share. We also, as part of the Red Cross Community Partnership programs, were able to provide hot soup/chili to our clients on Tuesdays during the winter months, and to offer several months of second monthly pick ups for those clients severely impacted by last year’s flooding. BuyLow foods is providing us with reclaim on a regular basis, and as lead, locally, for Save On Foods zero-food-waste program we are able to offer far more meat, dairy, and (starting soon) produce both to our clients and to the clients and users of many other agencies throughout Grand Forks. And, to get even more fresh produce, as well as meat and eggs to our seniors, we have partnered with the Grand Forks Farmers’ Market for their coupon program.

What do we need the most help with? Volunteers! The work we do all requires people, and at the moment, we’re short-handed. If you have a few hours to spare on a weekly or monthly basis, please consider joining our roster of compassionate, enthusiastic volunteers. I can think of no better group of people to be involved with.