What a year!

And to think we’re not even half way through it yet! We’re very grateful to both our corporate and individual donors. Despite a massive increase in the number of clients we serve each month (currently over 200 households per month,) we’ve still been able to sustain our Choice Matters – Self Serve system and have even managed to improve both the quality and quantity of food our clients receive. A modified version of the self-serve system is also offered now to our clients in the West Boundary who pick up their hampers through the Kettle River Food Share. We also, as part of the Red Cross Community Partnership programs, were able to provide hot soup/chili to our clients on Tuesdays during the winter months, and to offer several months of second monthly pick ups for those clients severely impacted by last year’s flooding. BuyLow foods is providing us with reclaim on a regular basis, and as lead, locally, for Save On Foods zero-food-waste program we are able to offer far more meat, dairy, and (starting soon) produce both to our clients and to the clients and users of many other agencies throughout Grand Forks. And, to get even more fresh produce, as well as meat and eggs to our seniors, we have partnered with the Grand Forks Farmers’ Market for their coupon program.

What do we need the most help with? Volunteers! The work we do all requires people, and at the moment, we’re short-handed. If you have a few hours to spare on a weekly or monthly basis, please consider joining our roster of compassionate, enthusiastic volunteers. I can think of no better group of people to be involved with.

Evening Openings Cancelled

After trying an evening opening through the summer and autumn, with little usage, we will no longer be opening 1 evening each month. If demand increases, we will revisit this in the future.

Grand Forks Flood – Update July 2018

We have moved into our new location now at 7816 Donaldson Dr. Grand Forks (former home of the Grand Forks Bottle Depot.)

We will be continuing our special Friday openings for 2 more weeks. June 22nd and June 29th, we will be open from 1-3. This is in addition to our regular Tuesday, 10-3 openings.


With so many needing our services, and trying to juggle us in amidst appointments with adjusters and work crews, we have decided to hold  special openings on Fridays. We’ll be open, at Gospel Chapel on Friday, June 15th from 1-3 p.m. after which the board will re-evaluate and decide whether or not to continue this extra service for a few more weeks


While we will still be operating out of Gospel Chapel for several more weeks, I’m pleased to be able to say that we have procured a new location and will be opening there in mid-July.

Our new location will be at 7816A Donaldson Dr. current home of the Grand Forks Bottle Depot. Stay tuned for the actual date and meanwhile remember we’re in the gym at Gospel Chapel for at least another 6 weeks. Tuesdays 10-3 INCLUDING May 29th, and on June 5th we’ll also be open from 4-7.


The crisis that recently hit the City of Grand Forks as well as the surrounding area has also flooded our food bank. Thanks to the work of a lot of incredible volunteers we were able to salvage at least a portion of our stock. And thanks to the generosity of the Gospel Chapel we will be open our normal hours (10-3) this Tuesday, and for at least a few weeks at their location at 7048 Donaldson Dr. in Grand Forks for anyone who needs a hamper. Please check the doors for signs of which entrance to use.

Our most needed items at the moment are canned tuna, pasta sauce, cereal, granola bars, personal care items, puritan stews, and chunky soup. We have donation bins at BuyLow, Save-On and Extra Foods (the latter two being larger). Donations can also be brought to Gospel Chapel on Tuesday only, or to the Grand Forks Funeral Home.

Cash donations naturally continue to be welcome. We are very grateful to have been able to salvage as much of our stock as we were, and greatly appreciate the donations that have been coming in, as we expect an increase in the need for our services in the weeks ahead. Cash can be brought to us at Gospel Chapel on Tuesdays only. Cheques can be mailed to PO Box 1052 Grand Forks BC V0H 1H0. If you prefer to donate via credit card or Paypal, you can do so through our dedicated page at Canada Helps.

At this time, there are many organizations and individuals in our area in need of everyone’s help. Whoever you choose to assist and/or donate to, please know it is very much appreciated.


Statistics can be boring, or they can be exciting but they are almost always important. They help us see trends, and to be able to share what we do each month and year.
December, due to Christmas was only a 3 opening month for us but we still distributed 161 hampers, helping to feed over 300 people in the Boundary (including 83 children and 31 seniors). Despite being very busy with personal lives and community events, as well as dealing with sometimes poor weather and road conditions, our fantastic team of volunteers still found over 400 hours to help feed our community.
Our annual stats for 2017 don’t show too drastic an increase over 2016. 6.7% more hampers distributed and 5.6% more people fed. Surprisingly, and a trend we can only hope continues, we only started 68 new client files in 2017, our lowest number since we began tracking that stat in 2009.
2008 is generally accepted as being the beginning of the recession and it “officially” ended in the summer of 2009. However, since 2008 we have seen an increase of 85% in hampers distributed and 76% in people served. The recession may have ended, but hunger hasn’t and people in our community continue to need our help.

New Coolers and Freezer!

New Coolers and Freezer!

Inventory Coordinator, Lynda Hynes and Project Committee Chairperson, John Billwiller  putting the first product into one of the three commercial cooler or freezer units recently purchased with funds from the Province of British Columbia, Food Banks BC, and Grand Forks Rotary Club. These units will allow to more easily access the products stored in them, are more energy efficient than what they replaced and are far better suited to our purposes than fridges or freezes manufactured for the residential market.

We are very grateful to the funders, as well as to the members of Grand Forks Fire Rescue who helped move them into our facility, Oasis Refrigeration for supplying them and Marker Electric for completing the necessary rewiring.

Community Impact

Community Impact

It is both thrilling and humbling to announce that, at the recent Community Future’s Award Presentations, the Boundary Community Food Bank was presented with the Community Impact Award. This award was nominated and voted on by  members of the community and truly belongs to every one of our volunteers. As you can see on the poster behind us in the photo, there were many worthwhile organizations and businesses nominated in this category and we thank  every one who nominated us.

Most Needed Items

Most Needed Items

Currently, our most needed items are:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • Canned meat or tuna,
  • Cereal,
  • Condensed soup,
  • Dry pasta,
  • Pasta sauce,
  • Meal in a Can,
  • Ready to serve soups,
  • Canned tomatoes,
  • Macaroni & cheese mix,
  • Baked beans,
  • Rice,
  • Flour,
  • 100% Fruit juice,
  • Canned fruits & vegetables,
  • Sidekicks or similar,
  • Toilet paper,
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Other toiletries, such as soap, shampoo, razors etc.

Spaghetti Amazing

Spaghetti Amazing

Do you have any spare pasta ?  Always a favorite and a staple of our food bank.  Dry pasta and jarred sauce is perfect donation idea. It is inexpensive, stores very well, provides a healthy and filling meal, and is delicious too!

Eggplant and Mixed Veg


Meat Sauce and Herb