Statistics can be boring, or they can be exciting but they are almost always important. They help us see trends, and to be able to share what we do each month and year.
December, due to Christmas was only a 3 opening month for us but we still distributed 161 hampers, helping to feed over 300 people in the Boundary (including 83 children and 31 seniors). Despite being very busy with personal lives and community events, as well as dealing with sometimes poor weather and road conditions, our fantastic team of volunteers still found over 400 hours to help feed our community.
Our annual stats for 2017 don’t show too drastic an increase over 2016. 6.7% more hampers distributed and 5.6% more people fed. Surprisingly, and a trend we can only hope continues, we only started 68 new client files in 2017, our lowest number since we began tracking that stat in 2009.
2008 is generally accepted as being the beginning of the recession and it “officially” ended in the summer of 2009. However, since 2008 we have seen an increase of 85% in hampers distributed and 76% in people served. The recession may have ended, but hunger hasn’t and people in our community continue to need our help.