Boundary Community Food Bank

The Boundary Community Food Bank Society operates a Self-serve food bank for hungry people from throughout the Boundary region of southern BC. We are open the first 4 Tuesdays of each month from 10 – 3 at 7816 Donaldson Dr. in Grand Forks. Our clients can receive a hamper once each month; they are required to bring identification, and attend in person at least once, but after being registered, and with the appropriate paperwork, they can send a friend, family member, neighbour etc. to pick their hamper up for them.

At the Boundary Community Food Bank, we believe that Choice Matters and we have divided our hamper items into several categories with each client allowed to select a certain number of items (based on household size) from each category. We also provide snack bags for children and milk vouchers for children and seniors. We know that allowing our clients these choices is just one way of treating them with the respect and dignity they deserve.